Thursday, 25 March 2010

Me on the map

I was interviewed by Mike Parker (author of Map Addict) for this programme in this radio 4 series about maps:

And while we’re on the same theme, this is from an article in The Times in 1908: ‘Many people love a map for a map’s sake. A good map gives them a peculiar kind of pleasure and makes their imagination glow. Before a journey the study of a map suggests all kinds of delights. The road down a mountain valley is almost seen by the mind, with a rock wall on the one side and a foaming torrent on the other … Thus we of the wheels think before beginning our tours … For it is a plan of the earth laid out on paper, a diminutive reality, though miles are but inches. And the motorist who has a soul will dote on his maps, cherish them, and thus keep fresh in mind past pleasures and the hope of future delights.’

Which I’m sure is what you were thinking the last time you looked at the AA Truckers’ Atlas.


  1. do you know the strange maps blog Joe? lots of interesting things on there:

  2. Thanks for your excellent contribution to the programme, Joe. The road maps programme is one of my favourites in the series (which - if you'll forgive the plug - continues every weekday, this week and next, at 3.45pm on Radio 4).

    In it, I also talk with Karla Baker at the National Library of Scotland about the quite bizarre advertising campaign planned by Bartholomews in the 1930s. There's a fabulous example on the Radio 4 web pages for On the Map:

  3. Every UK holiday I have ever taken has involved the destination I have chosen being at the point between two OS maps. Is this a conspiracy or fate?

  4. Thanks for the great link worm. I've been enjoying the series very much, Mike - the only episode I haven't listened to is my own because I can't stand the sound of my voice.
    It's neither conspiracy nor fate, anon. - it's sod's law.

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