Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blogging the everyday

OK, we’re going in …

What possible reason could I have for releasing more words into the vast virtual ocean of the blogosphere, so that they can swim around unread like the gazillions of others? Well, for one thing I have a butterfly mind and I do my writing and research in a fairly scattergun way. This means that I am always coming across arcane or unusual material that I can’t seem to corral into my more organised forms of writing. I sometimes imagine that this stuff might be of interest to a few other people - although I may be about to discover that I am deluded.

So this blog isn’t really going to be about my life, partly because my life involves encountering other people who didn’t ask to be written about in a blog. Instead it is more a commonplace book of what I have read, seen, listened to and encountered in my daily life. My special interest is in the everyday, and it seems to me that the discipline and routine of a blog might be a good way of capturing what the French call 'la vie quotidienne'. The word ‘quotidian,’ after all, literally means ‘to mark time’.

Just don’t expect me to post every day. It was my new year’s resolution to start a blog and I’ve finally got round to it on 17 January. If I were you, I would expect an initial flurry of activity followed by posts at increasingly long intervals, followed possibly by enigmatic silence.

Please feel free to post your comments or send the link on to anyone you think might be interested in this stuff. Is anyone out there?

Mundane quote for the day: ‘In modern society clichés constitute the necessary incantatory noise of the everyday. They provide a guarantee of everyday survival that would not otherwise be possible in our age of oversaturation of information and stimuli. Clichés protect us from facing the catastrophe, the unbearable, the ineffable; thus for the major inexplicable areas of human existence – birth, death, and love – we have the maximum number of clichés.’ - Svetlana Boym

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  1. Hey Joe! I can only admire you for writing this blog after all the days work. I'm studyin English Lit at London and decided to do my dissertation about suburbia and its relationship to literature at the moment I'm captivated by your book "Reading the Everyday" Which made me think how to incorporate these ideas of quotidian in to the realm of literature. So far I've learned that in the 1950's there emerged this stereotype of bored housewife and it spawned many novelistic representations. If you have any ideas considering my topic feel free to let me know
    Kimmmo Laakso