Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mr Willett's summer time

A little quote in honour of the clocks going forward:
'For the great revolution of Mr Willett’s summer time had taken place since Peter Walsh’s last visit to England. The prolonged evening was new to him. It was inspiriting, rather. For as the young people went by with their despatch-boxes, awfully glad to be free, proud too, dumbly, of stepping this famous payment, joy of a kind, cheap, tinselly, if you like, but all the same rapture, flushed their faces. They dressed well too; pink stockings; pretty shoes. They would now have two hours at the pictures. It sharpened, it refined them, the yellow-blue evening light; and on the leaves in the square shone lurid, livid - they looked as if dipped in sea-water - the foliage of a submerged city.' - Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

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  1. The clock is really moving faster and faster. These are nice words that made us remember this fact that we are losing life with every passing minute.