Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Disappointments Diary

I don’t normally do gift ideas on this blog but I was really pleased that Asbury and Asbury sent me a Disappointments Diary for 2013:

It’s a proper, working diary but with disappointing proverbs on each page (When one door closes another one opens in your face, If at first you don’t succeed I won’t be surprised, The early worm gets caught by the bird, Forewarned is anxious and fearful, A friend is just a stranger you haven’t fallen out with), notable deaths, and space at the back for a ‘Laughable To Do List’, ‘Notes towards a dull novel’, ‘Pointless doodles’, etc.

It’s witty in a really elegant way.

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  1. It's really disappointing that I didn't get a copy of this for Christmas.